Digital photo frame has become a very fashionable gift, its gorgeous appearance, clear display and attractive multiple functions, get a lot of people favor.But how to choose a good digital photo frame?Generally, it can be measured from the following points:

The screen is large, the picture is clear, now the digital picture frame generally has a variety of functions, but its main function is to play photos, so, the picture of one of the playing effects - the clarity of the picture is obviously our first consideration.Compared with the narrow screen with limited vision, the large-screen digital photo frame is becoming the market favorite.At present, the largest screen on the market has reached 19 inches, the mainstream size is between 10-15 inches, of course, one price one goods, "the bigger the face, the more expensive the price", good brands, the price difference between the small screen and the big screen is more, up to several hundred yuan!In addition, the picture effect is mainly determined by "resolution", "contrast", "brightness" and other factors.The resolution value refers to the number of horizontal pixels and vertical pixels in all visible areas of the whole display screen, which is also the most basic point for us to measure the sharpness of the image display. The higher the resolution, the richer the detail and the clearer the effect.Refers to the light and dark areas in an image contrast between the brightest white and the darkest black different brightness levels of measurement, the greater the difference range represents the contrast, the greater the difference on behalf of the contrast, the smaller the smaller the range, good contrast ratio of 120:1 can easily show vivid, rich color, when the contrast ratio is as high as 300:1, can support various order of the color ratio, the greater the performance more colorful, also picture is more beautiful.Brightness is the brightness of a finger painting, measured in candela per square meter (CD /m2) or NITS.It is known that a digital photo frame with high-definition TFT LCD screen, 800*480 high resolution and 200CD /㎡ brightness can achieve bright and full color performance in the display effect.

Multifunction, besides main function, digital picture frame serves as "new thing", "one thing is multi-purpose" also be to attract consumer very big chip, not only can show picture, still can play music.In fact, most digital photo frames can be connected to devices such as DSC, MP3, PMP, PC through the USB port on the body, and have dynamic control, bass processing and other functions. In terms of multimedia format, they can also support MP3, MOV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI and other formats.Imagine lying on the sofa in the quiet afternoon, while enjoying the changes of the digital picture frame on the table, while listening to the classical music, how beautiful and comfortable!

The innovation of science and technology makes people's life more and more convenient. The fast and humanized operation mode has also become one of the key factors for us to choose digital products.Nowadays, many digital photo frames are specially equipped with mini remote control, which enables users to easily switch between photos by simply pressing the button.Not only that, the individual digital photo frame also has a certain amount of memory, the general machine is between 256M to 512M, if is the storage of a small number of photos, do not need to insert another card can directly use the memory of digital photo frame to store and play photos.