As a cerebellar, how should you choose a laptop?In fact, many Internet users have such questions, such as, what kind of computer should I buy?Where can I buy one without getting ripped off?What exactly do Cpus and graphics cards do?


First you need to determine your budget and requirements:


2000-4000, this is a more people's budget, this price of laptop can generally meet the daily office and video entertainment, but this price of junk laptop is very much, a little mistake is very likely to let you buy a junk laptop so this price must carefully do your homework choice!


4000-7000, this price of notebook computer is the main battlefield of competition among manufacturers, cost-effective machines emerge in endlessly, most people choose this budget can meet their own needs. 


7000-10000 is a very comfortable price, which can meet the extreme demand.Playing games ensures that most games on the market run very smoothly.The pursuit of light and portable can also ensure the daily use of very convenient.


More than ten thousand yuan, this is a pursuit to meet the use of demand for laptop workmanship, brand, appearance can produce requirements of a price, this price of notebook computer is not limited to meet the use of demand, more is the sense of quality.


Second, you need to understand what kind of computer you want to choose:


Category 1: Light notebooks


If you want to pursue light, portable, daily video and audio entertainment, use some Office software, 2D graphic design, and play some non-performance games such as League of Legends, Tower of Knives, cards, etc., with a long battery life.This kind of demand is more suitable for thin or versatile books.Normally, a laptop with no game demand of 3000-4000 can be satisfied, but it is suggested that a laptop with a budget of 5000 or so is suitable for playing some games.


Category 2: Game notebooks


If the pursuit of high performance (relatively heavy), the use of class (such as Pr Ae) software, involving 3D drawing and rendering modeling, these are generally more suitable for some heavy heat dissipation and high configuration of the game book/high performance laptop.Normally, starting with a budget of 5000, I will find a laptop suitable for me, and I can also ensure that I can use large software fluently and without getting stuck.


Category 3: Business Notebooks


If there are requirements for performance and appearance, smoothness and stability of office work, and pay attention to the safety of practical notebook, then business notebook is a good choice. Business notebook can give consideration to both lightness and performance, and usually business notebook will have military protection, so it is not easy to fall and damage.


The important parameters of a laptop - screen, performance, memory, hard disk, battery


Screen part: As the medium of communication between our computers, screen quality is very, very important. No matter watching a play or professional drawing, a good screen will always be pleasing to the eye. A good screen has the following criteria:


Resolution: Standard is 1080P, 2K resolution is the most balanced and recommended, 4K resolution is very high but also very power consuming


Gamut: 100%sRGB gamut is standard, P3 or Adobe RGB gamut is broad gamut, 72%NTSC gamut can only be described as general


Screen scale: 16:9 is the standard, or better yet, 16:10 or 3:2, which means more vertical content can be displayed for office use


Overlay: namely mirror screen, can greatly enhance the screen permeability


Performance: on CPU, i5-10210U, I5-1035G1, I7-10510U and I7-1065G7 are all the same. Although the manufacturing process is different, they are all four cores. Among them, i5-1035G1 and I7-1065G7 show stronger performance and drag a 2K screen more smoothly


On the graphics card: The mainstream MX250, MX350 is shipping, and only one product is currently available.


Memory part: standard configuration 8G memory, but please remember the price above 5500 yuan must buy 16G memory, because a computer we will use 3-4 years time, must use large memory, so as to use more time without delay.


Hard disk part: 512G is recommended for hard disk. 256G is also acceptable if the price is relatively low.


Battery life: Battery life is a little worse on this side if you use a Rylon processor. A large battery such as a 56Whr is significantly better than a small battery such as a 40Whr.


Had looked so much, whether you also had certain concept to choose and buy notebook, know the commonly used configuration of these notebooks and choose parameter, plus a stable reliable platform, believe you can buy the notebook that oneself admire certainly.